Witch Craft Incense Sticks

Incense sticks holds significant cultural and religious importance in various parts of the world. Traditional fragrance with natural ingredients for your daily puja. Create traditional atmosphere of puja with fragrances made from auspicious ingredients which are part of puja samagri. Start your day with Ixorra Puja Agarbattis.. Premium Quality Incense Sticks

“Witch Craft Incense Sticks” evoke a sense of mystery and magic, possibly drawing inspiration from witchcraft traditions and practices. Step into the mystical realm of Witch Craft with our enchanting incense sticks, crafted to ignite your inner magic and awaken your senses to the wonders of the unseen world. Infused with the potent energies of ancient rituals and esoteric wisdom, these incense sticks serve as a conduit for spellbinding experiences and transformative journeys. Each stick is meticulously handcrafted using a blend of mystical herbs, aromatic resins, and sacred woods, chosen for their symbolic significance and magical properties. As you light a stick, the intoxicating aroma of Witch Craft fills the air, creating an atmosphere charged with possibility and enchantment

How to Use

Hold the Agarbatti at the uncovered end of the stick and light the other end using a matchstick
Hold the flame for sometime until the stick ignites
If you see a glowing amber, then the incense stick is burning properly. If you do not see anything, and the tip looks ashy, then you will need to relight the stick.
If the agarbatti is still burning even after seeing the amber then gently blow out the flame
Keep the burning stick away from flammable materials



Product Type

Incense Sticks

Item Form


Generic Name

Incense Sticks



Item Length

9 Centimetres


Agarbatti is typically made from a paste of aromatic substances, including natural plant materials such as herbs, spices, flowers, and resins. These ingredients are mixed with a binding agent, often wood powder or charcoal, to form a paste. The paste is then rolled onto bamboo sticks, which serve as the core of the agarbatti.

Burning Time

35 – 40 min

Product Benefits

Puja, meditation, relaxation, festive gatherings, evening prayer, refreshing, good vibes at home

Usage Method

Always light any incense in safe zones, away from flammable items

Usage Care

Never light incense sticks around or with inflammable objects

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